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The magic of crystals

Crystal is a unique mineral in nature because it can carry information from other dimensions. We have described in detail the vast amount of cosmic information contained in the thirteen crystal skulls, which the psychic masters can read in special ways. Many people like to wear crystal jewelry because it seems to have magnetic field induction, which makes you feel the breath of nature and tranquility. In fact, the magnetic field induction of crystals is a weak energy fluctuation or vibration phenomenon of ultrafine particles. From the perspective of modern quantum mechanics, any matter exists in the form of energy before it forms an object, and matter is only the result of energy condensation. As with crystals, so with the human body.

Crystals and the human body have a common constituent substance: silicon dioxide. When the crystal touches the skin of the human body, due to the change of body temperature, the piezoelectricity of the crystal is stimulated, and the electrons (negative electricity) in the crystal are driven to break away from the original running track. Negative electricity) is absorbed by the human body, and negative energy (positive electricity) is replaced by crystals. This is why it is scientifically stated that crystals can metabolize negative energy in the human body. At the same time, this is one of the important reasons why crystal gemstones must be regularly degaussed and purified. The magnetic energy emitted by the crystal is a weak vibration, similar to the perception of qi in Chinese medicine; and its photon effect can balance the electrolytes in the blood, which is why the crystal can bring the person wearing it, physical and mental relaxation and mood. The key to stability.

Now scientific research has confirmed that quartz has a frequency oscillation phenomenon. When the crystal is energized, the crystal will expand, and when the current is cut off, it will shrink to its original size; if the power supply and power failure are repeated rapidly and continuously, the crystal will continue to expand and contract at a high speed. But very secretive. The crystal frequency releases an average of eight million oscillations per second. Because the oscillation frequency is fast and fixed, crystals are made into chips, which are indispensable raw materials for electrical parts. After years of in-depth research on crystals by many experts and scholars, it has been determined that crystals have five functions: focusing and refraction, storing data, transmitting information, energy conversion, and energy expansion.

(1) Focusing and refraction: In ancient times, human beings have discovered that crystal has a focusing function and can also refract light. Through this feature of crystal, convex lenses, concave lenses, etc. can be created. Using the characteristics of crystals can excite high-energy beams, which are powerful and highly parallel. The precise ones can be used in eye surgery, and the huge ones can be used to destroy incoming missiles.

(2) Store data: When there is information passing through the crystal, the information will be recorded by the crystal, and the chip in the computer memory has this function. In modern times, the lenses and prisms of spectrometers have been manufactured. The crystal under piezoelectricity will have positive and negative charges, which is also the 0 and 1 in the computer binary, which is the basis of the computer. This kind of storage memory has an amazing capacity to enter the entire data of the Encyclopedia Britannica in a volume smaller than an eraser.

(3) Transmission of information: The information transmission in many electrical appliances also depends on the chip, because the frequency of the crystal oscillation is implicitly fixed, and the error used to transmit the signal is very small. Because the oscillation of the crystal chip is extremely precise and regular, in addition to being used for time control of electronic watches, it can also perform precise computer calculations, and can also be used for the transmission of huge messages between computers.

(4) Energy conversion: Crystal can convert different energy sources into other energy sources, such as electrical energy into light energy, heat energy, sound energy, magnetic energy, and these energy sources into electrical energy. The conversion of solar energy into electricity requires heat collector chips. The energy type can be converted, such as solar collector chips, which can convert light into electricity, electricity into magnetism, and so on. Sound, light, electricity, heat, and magnetism are all energy sources. Energy is immortal, but only transformed into different forms. Crystal is the best medium.

(5) Energy expansion: The energy can be enhanced through the crystal without changing the frequency. For example, when using a loudspeaker, after the current is converted into sound energy through the quartz, the sound wave will be enhanced, and there will be no sound leakage (the frequency will remain unchanged). The electronic signal of the same frequency can be amplified at the same frequency, just like the crystal in the radio will receive the radio waves in the air, and then expand and then convert them out, which is the sound wave that people hear. And the multiples are more than ten million times.

In addition, the main source of mystical power of the five kinds of achievement methods of Buddhist tantra is the cosmic light of different colors. Light of different colors determines the constituent elements of the material world, and crystals of different colors and properties have different wave meanings and can absorb specific light frequencies in sunlight. The crystal happens to have the oscillating frequency of “qi” and the physical properties of balancing the electrolytes in “blood”, plus the trace metals it contains, it has the mysterious power to guide cosmic light of different colors into and out of the human body. If it is combined with the theory of yoga, three channels and seven chakras, and worn on the skin of the corresponding chakra, it can awaken the powerful self-healing ability of the human body and clear the body, mind, body, mind, and sleep caused by modern people’s busy work, stressful life, and disordered work and rest. Spiritual disease. Then through the awareness of meditation and Vipassana meditation, according to different purposes, guide the corresponding cosmic light into the body, so as to ensure the realization of the wish.

Underground Crystal Palace

12,500 years ago, the colony of Atlantis (now in Arkansas, USA) had crystals and crystal caves beyond your imagination. The size and appearance of the crystals below were amazing. Some were as large as a 20-story building. The energies are amazing, and their awakening will affect the planet in countless ways. In fact, some of you have spent a long time tending crystal caves in Arkansas and Brazil, some of them are experts, masters of crystal, planning the “rapid growth” process, others specialize in the application and programming of particular sounds and tone into the corresponding crystal. Some people use the crystal different energy field as a maglev through the anti-gravitational wave of crystal technology.
There is another huge and extremely unique crystal underground in Arkansas known as “Gravity’s Ark Crystal”. This very unique crystal cave uses anti-gravitational energy, and in the future we will explain this crystal through communication channels, because this crystal technology can assist in the construction of pyramids and what you call the “Ark of the Covenant”. The lower part of Arkansas might be called “Crystal City” because of the Crystal Caves and large quantities of crystals stored in the area. In the time of Atlantis, it had programmed crystals in a highly technical and professional process, and crystals could be used for countless purposes, benevolent and beneficial causes.

The Crystal Vortex of Arkansas will return home. However, the subterranean habitat is splendid and beautiful…. embellished with delicate crystals and flowing in every corner in the form of light! Now, the Atlantis “Master Temple Crystal” has been safely placed in a specially prepared cave in Arkansas by the Scientist Priest before Atlantis’ eventual destruction. This cave stores the relocated “Master Temple Crystal”, which is magnetically locked in the extra-dimensional field, and is kept safe until the safe return, and the activation of the crystal is called ascension. Arkansas was specifically chosen as the location for the three “Main Temple Crystals” for several logical reasons.

(1) It has been used as a site for crystal mining, growth and harvesting, with highly developed growth quarters, fissures and laboratories pre-built. As a result, major interdimensional channels have been established to transport complexes and deliver crystals to the region.

(2) The vortex in the Arkansas region has been known in advance and will play an important role in the planetary ascension in 2012. The unique geology of quartz, diamond, magnetic lodestone, iron, and limestone and huge caves in Arkansas make it a crystal Plant the most perfect cultivation farm. Crystals have been planted and grown in Arkansas for thousands of years before the Great Flood.

(3) Magnetic metals in crystal beds and magnetic field generators would make it easier to store the magnificent Atlantean crystals in a dormant state in pre-existing equipment.

(4) There is a group of blue-skinned, very benevolent Lemuria people living underground in Arkansas, which is also the underground base of the Sirians. The two have an agreement to care for these dormant crystals together.

Now, three crystals housed in Arkansas are programmed into a network grid that is pivotally connected to the remaining five giant master crystals in Brazil, Mount Shasta, and Bimini. Two delicate wisdom crystals are placed under Lake Titicaca. These are unique healing, wisdom, energy and transporting crystals in the Temple of Healing, Temple of Sound and Light, Temple of Knowledge, Temple of One, Temple of Thut, Temple of Fire Ruby and Temple of Rebirth use.

These crystals are specially placed in the ascension in 2012, the most important field of the new earth reappearance. These areas can be easily reached through the Atlantis interdimensional channel system. Now they will be presented in the form of infinite points of a huge vortex. . The Emerald Crystal of the Divine Feminine is the trigger, and all other Crystal Temples respond in various ways.

Crystal Energy Vortex

The two main vortices of these crystal beds are in Arkansas and Brazil, and an important and simultaneous exchange occurs between the crystal vortices in Arkansas and Brazil. Both vortices are benevolently rotating in a way that balances their opposites, one below the equator and one above, Brazil is clockwise and Arkansas is counter-clockwise, which has great effect and purpose. Natural crystals from Arkansas spin in the opposite way to those from Brazil. As such, the Arkansas Crystal Vortex is of greater importance to the Northern Hemisphere, just as the Brazilian Crystal Vortex is of equal importance to the Southern Hemisphere.
Thus, these massive crystalline vortices act as receivers and transmitters, as well as energy conduits for receiving and conducting force fields, transmitting vital cosmic life forces to everything that exists in and on Earth. Radiation waves and emissions from the sun and stars that accelerate and optimize the concentrated crystalline energy. These emanations invigorate and intensify the energies of crystal transformation and expansion, resulting in the most uplifting impact within the confines of the planet.

Earth’s northern hemisphere contains most of the land area and makes up about 90% of the planet’s population, which is why the Arkansas Crystal Vortex will have a greater impact. Be aware that the crystalline vortex is of great importance both for the ascension of the planet and for the balance of the planet. The Arkansas vortex does not flow in a circular pattern like most other vortices, but moves back and forth in the land where the largest single quartz crystal is stored on Earth. The unusual pattern is due to a property of quartz called piezoelectricity. The piezoelectric mass of Arkansas Quartz is very powerful, and this energy is increased by more activation of the main crystal vortex. Their energy sends its impact into the air and shakes the earth.

A well-known event in January 2011 was the unexplained bird death in Arkansas. Birds fell from the sky because of piezoelectric shock waves that were released into the sky. Also, unusual earthquakes in Arkansas due to Crystal Awakening, these earthquakes really puzzled geologists because the area in which it occurred was not known to be a tectonic fault zone or to have had earthquakes before. The tremors were also unrelated to the New Madrid fault line. The Arkansas earthquake was the result of crystal activation. This idea is unacceptable to mainstream scholars. But it’s the truth. Fear not, Crystal Awakenings do not cause harmful earthquakes or shocks to humans, these activations are intentionally gentle and gradual to release energy.

Atlantis “Law of One” used crystals for many good uses, and returning to “Law of One” would reopen its uses. In fact this is the “Law of One” oath that they will never allow this technology to fall into the wrong hands again. The good uses of crystals include: (1) Healing and rejuvenation of the physical and emotional bodies. (2) Enriching sounds, music and crystal instruments. (3) Meditation, enlarged mental capacity and information download. (4) Dematerialize with the hyper-dimensional channel network. (5) Teleportation – telekinesis. (6) Anti-gravity plasma, magnetic field. (7) Library – Stores records and other knowledge, much like a computer. (8) Create a “high energy field” and apply it to schools, scientific research institutions and factories. (9) Increase plant growth on farms and agriculture. (10) Climate control. (11) Expand the energy of natural leylines. (12) Power Transmission – Crystals have the ability to transmit and retain energy, maintain its strength, concentrate and transmit over long distances.

Arkansas is the perfect Earth laboratory for crystal technology due to its abundance of quartz crystals and magnetic minerals, along with carbon crystal diamonds and radium-containing water. Due to this mixture of minerals, dimensional portals will make it easier to visit this area. This rare mixture of energies enabled the creators of the Sirius-Pleiadian high-tech source to create an anti-gravitational field in the Arkansas region, emanating energy that can be technically manipulated and controlled through crystalline discs and satellites.

Fourth, the crystal core code

On 11-11-11, November 11, 2011, the 144 crystal grid activated 92% of its functionality and vitality, and turned back to activate and trigger the time-series encoding of the remaining master crystals. Each master crystal opens a triple portal. Platinum crystals will be activated on 11-11-11. The Ruby Crystal and the Tut Crystal are the last two “Main Temple Crystals” to be relocated, still to be awakened, and both will be activated on 2012-12-12. Each is to be aligned and triggered by the activation of the 12-sided stellate-double-five-dodecahedron of 144 grids, 11 of which are 12 grid-oriented, fully activated on November 11, 2011.
The crystalline core of Earth plays an important role in many aspects of Earth and its dimensional duality. The Earth has an inner core that rotates clockwise and its outer core that rotates counterclockwise. The ratio of the Earth’s inner to outer rotation directly affects the speed at which time unfolds. The inner core is now spinning faster, so your time is also speeding up. That’s actually affecting this spin by accelerating it at the speed of light. As the core spins more rapidly, its heat and size also increase. This is largely responsible for the global warming that is happening now.

There are both physical and immaterial realities at the crystalline core, one material and the other antimatter. The material core is the crystallization of the magnetic iron-nickel alloy composite material, and its core is not hollow. The crystal core is a clear coherent energy, and when it radiates from the core in all directions, its beam shines like the sun on sentient beings. Its upward flow creates an impactful radiant sphere that increases, radiates, spreads and inspires all life forces. This radiation field is the transducer of the area that materializes life energy. It has the remarkable ability to solidify the determination and intentions of beings on Earth and transform them into tangible physical reality. Thus, this immaterial energy moves and becomes solid energy in the aggregated crystalline structure, growing and multiplying.

There are major cosmic crystalline energy spots on this planet. Knowing the exact location and nature of each one can harness, refine and expand their energies, linking them into a global energy network. The global system of so-called precise leylines and axes has been networked and filled with crystalline energy. Arkansas and Brazil are the two most important locations to emerge for transitional ascension, from magnetic to crystalline energy, the magnetic grid is decreasing and replaced by a crystalline grid. Magnetism is defined as polar, crystalline energy is non-polar (zero point). The transition to zero occurs from dimension 5 to dimension 12, the 12th dimension being the apex of the crystal. Ascension is explained in a simple name: it is the expansion of the earth from the (magnetic) polarity of the first three dimensions to the zero field of the crystalline dimension.

This “Solar Disc” is being reprogrammed to transform the crystals into a tangible format for the sake of humanity, and those who have visited important “Solar Disc” locations have participated and assimilated the new codes. In fact, the carriers of these codes have been involved in the mission since 2009. The so-called solar disc is actually a crystalline device of Sirius-Pleiades-Arcturus, originally used to balance and stabilize the energies of the planets. The Solar Disc Network was created after the crystalline sky was broken, and the 12 discs were responsible for channeling cosmic and dimensional energies, mixing them to stabilize the duality planetary field. The Arkansas Crystal Disc is extremely important because it integrates the crystalline dimensional energies associated with that dual dimension, which is why the Platinum Crystal is placed in the Arkansas Crystal Vortex.

The main grid points during the Golden Age of Atlantis were enlarged by the pyramids. The Scientist Priests of Atlantis and the Sirius-Pleiadian Alliance use this energy to combine crystals to network this energy. In the solar system and other stellar universes, some pyramids are used to receive and send energy between planets. Certain pyramids are multidimensional, forming octahedrons, used to link the field of sacred geometry between the physical and the immaterial. These pyramids are gateways to the parallel dimension field known as the “Angel Realm” or better the “Antimatter Realm”. The platinum crystal in Arkansas is uniquely programmed to be the interface between the parallel universe and the angelic realm of antimatter. Therefore, the awakening of platinum will greatly increase the power of the major pyramids on earth, especially the Great Pyramid of Giza. In fact, in wave 12 of 2012, the Pyramids of Giza will be after the golden age of Atlantis, with an exponential increase in energy beyond any period.

What is not mentioned today is the utilization and true nature of the “second moon” of Atlantis. It was a crystal satellite with system control gear. The reference data of the “Second Moon” is still preserved in the Mayan Pyramid. These data were obtained by Ra-Ta through EdgarCayce channeling. One of the crystal satellite docking stations is located near Little Rock, Arkansas, which is Now in the Toltec Mound Pyramid National Park, where the energy is stored in the form of an axis, it connects the docking station and the crystal disc at Dietui Mountain. At a certain time, the axis of the Earth is tilted, and one crystalline disc will intensify and transmit energy to the other discs, which will then become the receiving device, emitting energy when necessary. This will be transmitted to all networks, including the crystalline leyline system, this energy will supply energy to all parts of the earth, especially in Atlantis.

Crystal Energy Grid

Structurally, crystals grow by adding them over and over again. This process has to do with the transformation of energy through the elements of fire, earth, and water, and really, it is the blending and infusion of masculine and feminine energies. The pure crystal form then becomes the transmitter of this merged energy. In the structure of human DNA, the same process is beginning to be known. You are adding to your structure a constituent needed to maintain a higher, purer vibration.
Many of the recognized energy points on this planet, such as Sedona, and most particularly Shasta, have been transformed from a masculine or feminine vibration to a hybrid vibration that retains all divine sparks and holiness Resonance of feminine energy, and humanity itself has now embarked on the same journey. There is a planetary headquarters within Mount Shasta, which also works closely with all civilizations within Earth, including the energies of Lemuria. Described as the “Heart of Lemuria”, the Lemuria energy, consciously, provides great service to Earth and surface humans, and is in a position to lead us forward.

The planet’s most important central core, known as the inner central sun, is indeed an important crystal. It exists in the vibrational frequencies of the fifth dimension, sending her the vibrations that the Earth will evolve. The Central Sun at the inner core of this planet, which vibrates very similarly to and is supported by the Central Crystal Sun that operates in the higher dimensional and energetic structures. Known as the “Great Crystal Master”, the one who gave form to this energy from the core of the Great Central Sun, radiates and nourishes every other Crystal Sun in this universe. He is a supreme master, the leader of cosmic crystal consciousness. In serving the Father/Mother of this universe, from beginning to end, he has expended a lot of energy and effort at this time to support the great transformation that is currently taking place, assisting this planet in its recovery, rebuilding, and return to its original glorious destiny. An important part of his wider consciousness is now, here, within Earth, to assist your local Central Crystal Sun and to energize it and other crystals.

Around this planet, there are other fifth-dimensional crystals that hold energy from the Great Central Crystal. The third and fourth dimensional crystals that exist on this planet take their form from this fifth dimensional crystal ring. We on the etheric side are a consciousness that exists in the form of the “Great Central Crystal”. We are one of many manifestations of love and light shining from the heart of the earth. Once the changes to the magnetic grid are complete, the next phase of our work on Earth can begin. We have begun working with small and large groups of individuals to teach them the workings of the Crystal Grid and the many healing and transformational techniques that have become available through this expansion.

The function of crystal energy has always been twofold. We are transmitters of energy beyond the physical world, and we are also repositories of information. Humanity and the consciousness of this planet are once again aware of the information we have long had and have always wanted to share with each of you. The human ego is a powerful force, a necessary force, but must be integrated with the whole, not just listen to its voice, the most important work in this regard is to know yourself. We are going to communicate with you through your own Crystal Center. Choose one or several material crystals for yourself, use them, and experience the vibration of your own crystal center. Align these crystals with your core vibration, then help you expand and develop this vibration at a pace that best suits you personally. The work you do individually forms the work of the group, and the collective work of the group forms the work of the society. When all societies work together, the planet is transformed.

The awakening of crystal energy

Awakening of crystalline energy is achieved through the crystalline vortex of the main crystal. The crystalline sun disc and crystalline grid can escort the ascension of human beings on earth. Ascension is indeed the transfer of crystalline energy. These crystals are not just minerals, but in that they have the perfect order of vibrations, the perfect frequency, the right beliefs, and walk the talk. Conscious minerals in the crystalline state are essentially energy generators that supply you with a continuous stream of energy to help you ascend into other dimensions.
Crystal energies and the entire mineral kingdom have always been connected to human beings through matter and ether. Hence the crystalline mineral realm has a complex relationship with humans, as one has never lost touch or subtle communication with others. Your physical body contains crystalline particles and rich minerals that have a unique correlation with the crystals beneath the earth. Accordingly, the harmonic ratio of minerals and crystal particles maintains consistent coherence with the Earth in your physical and etheric bodies. So the ratio of frequencies produced by Earth and humanity maintains the necessary balance in assisting the well-being of the individual and collective humanity. Earth and humanity are going through a long-awaited awakening. This qualitative change includes changes in the warming of the planet and countless environmental phenomena that are rapidly affecting you. A key aspect of the New Crystal Age is the purposeful call to the crystal and mineral kingdoms of Earth to increase the flow of energy they receive from the Earth’s core

Arkansas and Brazil’s collection of two of the largest quartz crystals and associated gemstone forms on Earth is key to this call. The stimuli engendered by this call will affect the entire planet. But most especially, the mineral crystals receive and send powerful energies throughout the earth. It can be extended to a greater extent, because the realm of the mineral kingdom on your planet can actually be used to define the earth, because minerals are indeed the oldest sentient beings on this planet, a variety of crystalline mineral resources, including a vast part of the entire universe. The heralded ascension is actually the arrival of the new crystal age. It brings platinum light and opens the crystal disc. This event will recode the crystalline energies of Earth and humanity.

The Atlanteans possessed knowledge of extradimensional quantum physics and understood that antigravitational waves could be created by reversing a specific magnetic field around a cylindrical crystal. They have the well-established ability to apply the Ovette shield effect of crystals around crystal structures, minerals and gold to create a hyper-divergent energy field of various energy units.

The so-called “Ark of the Covenant” is a capacitive device, a portable energy generator. Originally, these capacitors were made of Gravity Ark crystals, which were used for anti-gravity purposes. The Gravity Ark Crystal was constructed by modifying a large natural crystal complex located below Arkansas, near the Toltec mound. By channeling and refining the magnetic field of those naturally occurring magnetic lodestones native to Arkansas, scientists can direct this refined magnetic field to reverse gravity around specific shapes of crystals and crystalline energy fields the goal of. This energy is used to recharge the crystalline satellite, or second moon, in an anti-gravity manner.

In fact, the anti-gravitational force created by the capacitors of the crystal device is used to combine the concentrated thoughts, and part of the process is used to move huge blocks such as pyramids and building materials. You may find it interesting that the “Ark of the Covenant” described in religious texts is the same size as the sarcophagus of the King of the Great Pyramid. Ark Crystals are still active.

The Atlantean crystal opened the etheric portal, the interdimensional portal that would bring carbon-based lifeforms humans into contact with protoplasmic life. You must know that you exist in multiple dimensions at the same time. In fact, you are Sirians, Pleiadians, Arcturians and more! You are all multidimensional sparks of the Creator God. You have a crystal energy within the Arkansas Crystal Vortex that none of you have experienced since the golden age of Atlantis. All that needs healing can be healed in the Quantum Crystal Frequency, and it provides a source of supreme joy. In this growing energy, you can connect with the living crystalline power and help you enter the multidimensional divine realm and into the divine self.

This is the return of mankind to a matriarchal society, a unified society with a high balance of cultural and spiritual energies. This is the ascension of the human spiritual world, the new new crystal age. What is happening now is that the old energies are coming to an end and the new earth has begun… right in the crystalline vortex, because what is called human ascension is the transfer of crystalline energy into the human spiritual world.

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