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Frequently Asked Questions

Orgone energy is an indispensable force in the universe. It was discovered by Wilhelm Reich in scientific research in the 20th century. Ancient civilizations often referred to it as Chi, prana, or zero-point energy. The vibration frequency of the universe.

Yes, our Orgone Pyramids not only neutralize EMF but use its energy towards forming a positive energy field in your home or office. You can charge the Pyramid by placing it in direct sunlight for half an hour in warmer climates and for less than an hour in colder ones. Afterward, play some healing tunes or frequencies you want for it to absorb and it will later resonate in those for more than a week.

Orgone is a combination of metal, semi-precious crystals, and natural resin to hold them together. All materials are carefully chosen to resonate with each other and produce healing frequencies.

Yes. Orgonite products are a great gift for someone, whom you wish nothing but wellbeing and prosperity.

The Orgonite products that we offer are excellent tools for meditation and improving your spiritual growth. These can provide a lot of relief when you suffer from EMF effects as well.

It’s a great idea to have big pieces of Orgonite in your home’s space. However, using necklaces are ideal when you’re always on the go.

The Orgone products is your personal EMF protection device. It’s an excellent tool for shielding you from any harmful side effects that electromagnetic radiation may give.

Aside from its primary use, the necklace is abundant in other benefits as well. These include improving your sleep patterns, spiritual and physical health while providing more energy.

Some people feel the Orgonite Product’s energy immediately, while others feel the energy cumulatively.

Some of its initial effects include a tingling or warm sensation. Other effects include a boost in your energy, as well as more vivid dreams.

Our Orgonite Product don’t need to be charged or cleansed like crystals. Yet if you wear it most of the time, it’s best to give it a boost.

You can do this via holding it under clean running water. It’s also possible to wear it while taking a relaxing shower.

Another way to enhance it is to clean it with sage or similar type of incense. If not, you can put it on the ground, in the moonlight.

Please note that you should not immerse our Orgone necklace in water for a long time. The reason is that it may affect the resin.

In addition, you should not expose them to direct sunlight for long periods of time. This will bleach the crystals inside.

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