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The Creator Of Orgone -All You Need To Know

I have written an article about the principle of the Aogan energy tower before. This time I want to further analyze the efficacy of the Aogan energy tower.

Modern science tries to analyze dark matter, vacuum magnetism, zero-point energy, etc. from the universe. And Organ has been proven by many scientists to have a strong effect of adsorbing negative energy. Since the birth of Organ, scientists have begun to study Organ to fight diseases, as well as negative energy in life, electromagnetic waves, electrical interference, and modern industrialization. Pollution of the human energy field.

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What kind of person needs an Organ energy tower?

Mood: For emotional, often falling into low frequency, unable to control personal emotions, short-tempered.

In terms of work: For people who often face a lot of work intensity, often feel pressure, need to contact various people at work,

People who are full of negative energy: The personality is too introverted and the negative energy cannot be released, the career, wealth, and feelings are always unsatisfactory, the energy is weak, and all kinds of unsatisfactory feelings.

Why do you need an Organ energy tower?

On the level of consciousness: Aogan Energy Tower absorbs the surrounding negative energy 24 hours a day and converts it into positive energy. Aogan’s greatest effect is to convert negative energy into positive energy and never stop. Moreover, Organ can also send your thoughts to the universe in the creation of dreams. With positive “beliefs”, Organ can create positive energy and bring abundance and joy to your side.

Health level: Aogan energy tower has a healing effect on the body chakra, and heals physical illnesses, and has obvious improvement in reproductive system, cervix, gynecology and other diseases, headache, insomnia, dreams, acne, stomach Department of discomfort, gastrointestinal tract, etc. have improved significantly.

About our life level:

  1. The Organ energy tower can absorb the surrounding negative waves. 2. Keep Organ by your side when you sleep, it can help insomnia, and you can have a peaceful night and emotional dreams.
  2. Organ is usually placed in the place of life, which can purify the energy space of this field.

Summary: In ancient China, people will learn about feng shui, and the “feng shui” and “magnetic field” in terms of numerology are actually energy. Only when people have a full energy field, their fortune will be smooth.

Organ Pyramid taboo?

There is no specific location for the Organ energy tower. It can be placed in a place where you often move. The Organ energy tower needs to be cleaned frequently to keep it clean and tidy. Putting it in dust will not only look uncomfortable, but also affect some positive effects. energy play.

The operating principle of the Ogan energy tower:

The shape of the pyramid is the sacred structure of the universe and the power of the universe, which can activate people’s consciousness, spirituality, and awareness. After the energy level is raised one level, one can experience the high-dimensional world.

Organ can release Organ energy when stimulated by other energies, and it is also transforming Organ energy in different states, raising the energy to a higher level to maintain a healthy and harmonious energy state.

Since ancient times, human beings have been exploring the secret of immortality. There are many legends about the pyramids in ancient Egypt. The Egyptians made “mummies” and stored them in the pyramids for freshness. The Egyptian pyramids play a pivotal role.
“Spiritual Science” 13 Part 4 About orgonite analysis:

Orgone is another name for the ether that fills everything from the universe to the human body. Energy, Reiki, Qi, Electronic Frequency, Biofield Energy, Life Force, etc. are all orgone energy.

Where does Organ come from?

In the 1830s and 40s, Dr. Reich discovered and measured this etheric energy using a modified Geiger counter. He set out to build a device that could treat people’s ailments, including common intractable cancers.

Reich established a laboratory and made a device experimental box, this large box successfully cured patients including cancer.

In 1986, scientists at the University of Malburg in Germany released the results of a single-blind experiment, showing that the treatment of 30-branch Organ energy transmitters did have a sustained and positive effect on the mind and body. The effects on the human body and mind are real.

Russian scientist ikolai Kozyrev further developed Ogan. He also used scientific data methods to prove that this invisible energy does exist around us. Unfortunately, this technology was also used by the Soviet military. Torion fields to strengthen the defense system, which also shows that a surprising discovery Organ can indeed change the world. This change can be both positive and negative.

In 2000, don and carol crofl discovered and created the modern Orgone through a lot of experiments. Quartz crystals generate a strong discrete energy that not only maintains the etheric energy, but also transforms the negative etheric energy DOR into the positive etheric energy POR.

How the Organ Tower works

Orgone releases both positive and negative energies at the same time. The positive and negative energies inside Orgone then radiate in all directions. By placing the quartz crystal in the middle, we create a new world. A new more ordered and stable energy structure.

Organ can bring a lot of help to areas that need to turn negative into positive and need to spread positive energy. Regarding the cell tower, which is the most common cell phone cell tower in our daily life, the cell tower will emit negative DOR and negative Austrian. Root energies, these negative energies will fill the area between the towers, filling our home and communication with negative energies, which will stimulate the growth of negative emotions such as sleepiness, fear, etc.

I don’t mean that these towers cause negative emotions, it’s just that they stimulate and strengthen these negative energies, but thankfully, scientific experiments have found that burying Organs under the towers can remedy the situation. So Organ is very practical and widely used in health recovery, radio electronics, and all other medical physics.

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