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What is the feng shui color of the doormat Remember that the golden floor mat corresponds to the west and northwest

Many families will put the door mat in the door position, not only can let people wipe the sole clean before entering the door, so as not to bring dust to the home, but also put a floor mat with appropriate color at the door entrance, which has certain feng shui effect and can choose the floor mat with appropriate color according to the direction of the door. The following will introduce the relevant knowledge of feng shui color of door mat in detail.
Golden floor mats correspond to the west and northwest
If the direction of the gate is west and northwest, then it is suitable to use golden floor mats, because gold belongs to the color of luck. In the eyes of many people, gold is still noble and rich. If you can put gold, yellow or orange floor mats at the entrance position, it will bring good luck to the family, and it is easy to get help from noble people at work, thus improving wealth. If there are children in the family who are studying, it can also improve children's reading luck.

The blue floor mat corresponds to the north.
If the direction of the gate is to the north, if you want to improve the fortune of yourself and your family members, you need to choose a blue floor mat. Because in feng shui, the north is in charge of the career. if you want to find a good job or improve your career, you can lay a blue floor mat at the entrance, which can improve the career of the residents, promote the development of the career, and thus enhance the fortune.

The red floor mat corresponds to the south
If the direction of the gate is south, then the color of the trip is red. Because from the perspective of feng shui, the attribute of the south is fire, and wood and wood (cyan) are also available. If red, purple or cyan floor mats are placed at the entrance in this direction, it can bring vitality to the home atmosphere, make the family full of fighting spirit, and enable the residents to gain both fame and fortune.

Green floor mats correspond to the east and southeast
In Fengshui, the color of the entrance door mat, the green mat is suitable for the situation where the door is opened in the east and southeast, because the east and southeast are wood on the five elements, and green is the main color of the tree, which has a vibrant meaning. Putting the green floor mat at the entrance door can have a catalytic effect on household fortune.
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