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Red suitable for 2022 year of tiger feng shui clothes?

2022 will usher in a new year of the Chinese zodiac-the year of the tiger, and the fate of the Chinese zodiac will change immediately. Especially when the Tigers enter the year of their destiny, which is the year of their destiny.
Red suitable for 2022 year of tiger feng shui clothes?
2022 is the Year of the Tiger in Renyin, and the original year of life is naturally red. The taboo of this life has a wide range of influences among the Chinese people. In traditional Chinese folk customs, there is a tradition of hanging red in the year of this life to avoid evil and avoid disasters. Therefore, people love red very much every year of their lives. The red attention of the original year should be derived from the worship of red in the traditional Chinese culture. The Chinese nation regards red as a symbol of celebration, success, loyalty and justice, and especially believes that red has the effect of exorcising evil spirits and protecting the body. 

What color can I wear besides red?

1. Black: Improving Wealth
The five elements corresponding to black are water. Water represents wealth in feng shui. At the same time, it is aquatic wood. Therefore, tiger people can wear more black clothes in 2022. Most of people's money in this year will be affected. This year, under the influence of the fierce star of "Jianfeng", tiger friends are more likely to have money or bankruptcy crisis. Therefore, wearing more black clothes can also help improve their wealth.

2. Blue: to block the little people and solve the right and wrong
The blue five elements are water, which can also bring good luck to friends belonging to tigers. Moreover, blue gives people a feeling of dignity and generosity, and enhances their elegant temperament. For tiger friends with relatively grumpy temperament, wearing this color can also keep people's mood calm and enhance their communication ability.
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