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the room feng shui color residence is suitable for green in the east.

Different colors will create a different atmosphere. Some colors can make people feel happy when looking at them. On the contrary, some colors give people a dull feeling. However, when choosing the color of home decoration, the problem of feng shui should also be considered, so as to improve our fortune. Which color is suitable for room feng shui ?
Residential is suitable for green in the east.

Choose the right color according to the location of the house, because the location of each house is different, and its location directly affects our luck. For example, the positive east of the house is the location that concerns our healthy luck, so the location of the positive east is relatively suitable for green layout, because green represents a healthy color, we can choose to use some green plants, you can also use green ornaments to decorate Zhengdong, which can improve the fortune of your family.

Just south of the house is suitable for red.

Under normal circumstances, the location of the south of the home directly affects the reputation of the family, so the layout of the south is also particularly important. Relatively speaking, the south is more suitable for the use of red to decorate, red can help the reputation of the home, can bring good feng shui to the house, and bring good fortune to the family. However, do not place the mirror in the south of the home, otherwise it will have a bad impact on the feng shui of the house.

Houses are suitable for silver in the west.

The true west of the residence determines the descendants of the residents. In the five elements, it is gold, so it is suitable to use gold or silver objects for decoration. In addition, we can also choose to place some metal products in the true west, such as empty metal wind chimes or televisions, which will help to improve the descendants and bring good luck to ourselves and our families.

The north of the house is suitable for black or blue.

If you want to improve the career of yourself and your family, you must pay attention to the decoration of the house in the north direction, which is directly related to the career development of your family, especially the career fortune of the male host. The five elements are considered to be water in the north, and it is more suitable to use some blue or black colors to arrange it. In addition, we can also choose to place some water products, such as fish tanks, or aquatic plants, which can promote the career of residents.
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